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Peoples Pride began making shoes with a clear objective: combine traditional handcrafted shoe making with modernity creating a more personalised luxury shoe brand that puts the creative process into the customers hands. From conception we have pushed the boundaries of technology, creativity, innovation, and design. Our foundation paints a meaningful portrait of a brand that fully appreciates the value of tradition and how it can keep us grounded while embracing technology which propels us forward. Much like any structure, PEOPLES PRIDE is built from the ground up, maintaining stability and strenght by staying faithful to foundations, possessing an astute sense of the present and an unwavering focus on the future.


At the heart of our Custom Made To Order service is the relationship between the customers creativity, technology, and Peoples Pride Artisans who serve at every stage to fulfill making their desire become a reality. Our interactive platform offers customers the freedom to create their own unique pair of Peoples Pride handmade shoes or boots specific to their personal style.

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Peoples Pride believes that human-making decisions in harmony with the efficency and precission of machinery allow the artisan to use naturally sourced materials more judiciously, and improve the product as needed during construction. Generations of Master Shoesmakers have continued the linieage of unrivaled skill and constant innovation bringing the spirit of handcraft shoemaking into the modern era.

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Explore our archive of original designs, variations of each are available to choose from across slippers, loafer, oxford, sneakers, derby, buckle, and boot styles. Whether inspired by iconic classics or more contemporary design, select your desired model and begin the process of personalisation to fulfil your individual needs and wishes.

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Long established relationships with distinguished tanneries across the world mean that the Peoples Pride customer has the pick of the finest leathers on offer. Once type of Material is specified, select from the vast spectrum of colour and finishing options which best reflects your personal style. Combine contrasting colours for an audacious statement or keep to tonal shades for subtle appeal.

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The process begins with the perfect fit. Taken from the finished design and a set detailed measurements the master shoemaker selects the perfect last upon which to build the clients custom pair of boots or shoes.

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The process of over 250 manual steps begins with the choice of the perfect last based on a set of precise measurements of the customers feet. Taking from the finished design, a pattern is made according to the specified style of the customer. With every detail considered and perfected, the artisan begins the metamorphic process of turning naturally sourced materials into objects of pure refinement.

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Whether inclined towards the characteristics of traditional leather soles or the functionality of a weather resistant rubber sole, with a range of options offered for both, choose whichever option best suits your personal style.

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A shoe is only as good as the materials and the construction method used to construct them. Given the artisanal quality of our shoes and boots we utilise the Goodyear and Blake Welting method in sole construction. These particular compositions bestows every pair with an unparalleled level of strength and allows for future refurbishments, lengthening its lifespan by years or even decades.

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Adapt components to suit your personality. Options of Gold, Antique Gold, Copper and Graphite finishes are available on buckles, and eylets providing the opportunity for individual flair as well as refined elegance.

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