About Us

Peoples Pride is a luxury lifestyle brand that blurs the line between "Wear & Be." It marries the "Material World" with "World Matters." It bridges a long abandoned gap between Fashion & Philosophy. It serves as a curator of design and purpose.

In 2007 Artis/Designer Carlyle Hanson embarked on creating a lifestyle brand that would take the mundane material world and give it a more meaningful existance: a brand conceived on the basic principles of artistic expression to encourage all to take pride in who they are, what they do, and what they wear. Combining his love for art and design with his passion for philosophy, spirituality, and the uplifting of humanity, he gave rise to what is known as:


"Not just a clothing brand, but a philosophy that is expressed through clothing."

From its conception "Peoples Pride" has infringed upon the confines of the norm, pushing the boundaries of creativity with its innovative and cutting edge styles.

Innovation and perfection are crucial components to the overall appeal of the Brand. Through experimintation in design, and product development, "Peoples Pride" has cocooned itself in an aesthetic that is timeless, audacious and experimental, unorthodox and traditional, warping space and time but always relevant to the present.

"Peoples Pride" has dedicated its business to the pursuit of social and enviromental change, courageously ensuring that its business is ecologically sustainable, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.