Limited edition only 10 available worldwide!

Handcrafted jacquard cloth with luxurious Italian Suede, Fullgrain black and cognac leather lasted on our commando sole using the converted Goodyear method with storm welt resulted in a perfectly handcrafted pair of Brooklyn 1997 Symmetry Moc Boot of which I am personally proud of. The perfect balance of form and function. I hope you come to appreciate and wear them with a deep sense of Pride and appreciation.

Thank you kindly,

Carlyle Hanson



  • Italian leather - Handwoven Jacquard
  • Internal leather lining
  • Commando sole
  • Goodyear construction with storm welt
  • Handcrafted in Spain

Full grain tongue
Leather suede quarter
Hand woven sides
Full grain leather toe cap
Tube wax coated lace
Leather lining
Storm welt
Goodyear welt
Commando sole


When comparing two different shoes you should know that, despite their external differences, the inner shape is the key element when it comes to fitting.

See below a comparison between two Wholecut shoes as an example, both with the same size (42 EU).

The one on the left is made using the Zurigo Last (rounded toe) and the other one uses the Monti, Savile, and Belgravia Last (long chisel toe).




As you can see, the long and narrow toe shape of the Monti last generates a larger blind / unused space at the toe. How much space you have in front of the toe varies depending on the type of shoe and its toe shape.

That is why, even though the shoe on the right is 1 cm longer (total length measured from the heel to the tip of the toe) both shoes are effectively the same size.

Admittedly, there's no point in comparing the fitting of two different shoes only based on their total length.

Proper shoe care and maintenance of your peoples pride shoes will help ensure their longevity in wear. Suede is a very absorbent material and therefore marks easily. We recommend using a quality suede care kit products to keep the shoes in good condition. A good quality suede brush may be used to remove loose dirt but care should be taken as excessive use can cause permanent damage.

The handwoven jacquard canvas used for these pairs of shoes are a durable material but like all products will need maintenance to keep them in optimum condition. Loose dirt may be removed with a soft damp, lint free cloth.

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